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About Us

From Humble Beginnings to Global Expansion

Kesseböhmer Ergonomics, with a storied history that began in Bad Essen, Germany, in 1954, has significantly evolved from its humble beginnings. Founded by Josef Kesseböhmer and his son Heinrich J., the company initially specialized in wire baskets and display stands for shopfitting. However, their journey didn’t stop there. As years passed, Kesseböhmer expanded its expertise into PVC coating and electroplating, branching out into various markets, including fittings for kitchens, appliances, and bathrooms. By the 1960s, it was a global entity, exporting products worldwide, with renowned companies like Henkel and Coca Cola among its clientele.

Family Heritage and Global Presence

Remaining a family-led company now under the stewardship of the 3rd generation, Kesseböhmer has maintained its core values while expanding its presence with production facilities and sales offices globally. The venture into ergonomic office furniture in 1998 was a natural progression, aligning with its mission to enhance workspaces. Today, Kesseböhmer Ergonomics stands as a global leader, known for its specialized system components installed across diverse settings from offices to health care.

Innovating Ergonomics in America

In 2016, the company established Kesseböhmer Ergonomics of America in Grand Rapids, Michigan, marking a significant milestone. This venture wasn’t just about setting up another facility; it was about bringing closer its innovative pneumatic counterbalanced table bases and expanding its reach. The facility has since seen substantial growth, doubling in size and quadrupling its workforce. Its strategic location and strong partnerships have enabled it to offer quick lead times and a bespoke experience, particularly for its U.S.-based clientele.