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Premium Contract Grade Lifting Columns

From advanced pneumatics to inline brushless drives in multiple profiles.

FlexiLift Counterbalance

The most advanced pneumatic system available – the FlexiLift Counterbalance weight-adjustable tables can raise and lower smoothly even with off-centered loads.

Standard Lift Counterbalanced

A cost-effective counterbalanced option for OEM’s who already understand their user’s weight limit needs. The Standard Lift load capacity needs to be set at the factory level.

Progress Twin Pneumatic

The Progress Twin is a 3-stage – centered columns – height-adjustable pneumatic desk. It rises and lowers in less than two seconds.

Progress Mono Pneumatic

The Progress Mono is a single-column – 3-stage – height-adjustable pneumatic desk. It rises and lowers in less than two seconds just like the Progress Twin.

Height Adjustable Systems

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