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Pneumatic Desks

The Flexilift
Weight Adjustable

The strength & weight capacity of an electric desk with the power-free flexibility of a pneumatic desk

TMQ 71


Adjustable Weight Ranges
48" ranges = 44 lbs – 143 lbs (99lb range) 60” ranges = 53 lbs – 163 lbs (110lb range) 72" ranges = 62 lbs – 172 (110lb range)
Powder Coated Precision Square Tube
Roller Cage System
Outer Tube 2.75"x2.75" | Inner Tube 2.12"x2.12"
Adjustable Range
Max Bending Moment
Static 100 Nm up to BH=31.5", above Nm dynamic 100 Nm
Lifting Speed
100+ mm/sec
Internal, lockable compression spring
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical 22", 29" or 35" Steel Feet
Installation Height
With Feet - 26.75"
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TMQ 71

Easy to Use

Desks that are easy to use are desk that are actually used. Pneumatic desks are also 8X's faster than most electric desks on the market today.

Pneumatic Desks VS Electric DesksWhy Counterbalanced?Why Counterbalanced?

Foldable Legs

– Efficient shipping & assembly.

– Easily stored.

User Adjustable Load

Increasing the lift capacity of the table is as easy as cranking clockwise. This extends the lift capacity an additional 100 lbs (45 kg) on site.

Fully Mobile

Add casters to the table legs and easily move the table to where it is needed, without any electrical cords to get in the way.

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