Kessebohmer Ergonomics

What actually is

Ergonomic Design?

Let's take a look at an often misunderstood concept: the idea that when people are more comfortable, things just go better.

People focused design

ergonomic design is design that is focused on people and how they might interact with something. The practice of ergonomics can be summed up simply as “fitting a workplace to an employee’s needs,”or making people more comfortable at work.

There are lots of ergonomic considerations at the average office job: the angle of your elbows compared to your keyboard, the height of your monitor in relation to your eyes, or the height of your standing or sitting desk. Good ergonomic practices help to reduce the stress of repetitive movements throughout your workday.

The world of work is changing.

Many of us are bound to a desk for 6-8 hours a day. Your desk, your chair, the lights above your head, your location relative to natural light, your posture, and your foot position all affect the ergonomics of your workspace. Each of these things should be considered when attempting to maximize comfort.

At the core of ergonomic design is the idea that humans were meant to move. Our office furniture should reflect this and allow us to change positions throughout our time at work.