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Today's classrooms need more flexibility than ever. That is why we make adaptable educational systems.

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K-12, Higher Education, S.T.E.M Labs & Maker Spaces

Education today looks and acts differently. Students, Teachers, and Schools need a proven partner in height-adjustable solutions to keep up with the change.

Premium Quality Components

German components, Swiss Steel & American Made


Built for today’s S.T.E.M & Maker Space students in mind

Support Team

Our support team has over 50 years of experience. 

Long Term Investment

Buying quality furniture saves money in the long run. 

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Flexilift Counterbalance

The flagship in pneumatic desks. This weight-adjustable standing desk allows students to work with fossils or feathers.

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Nestable Desk Boards

Use it as a large group project desk or a white board. The Desk Boards nest in one another to open up room space for experiments!

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Progress Pneumatic

Choose from a Single Column or Twin Column, these highly adaptable pneumatic systems work for any education space.

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Occasional Tables

A flexible-height adjustable solution for your occasional table, perfect for laptops, lounges or bistros.

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