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We tried a desk converter

So you don't have to

The Bad

Aesthetics – ugh, have you seen these things?

With desk converters the concept of clean lines of a modern office desk are lost forever. Whether in the sitting or standing position, all that bulk and cables makes even a clean desk look clunky. Any intention about office design seemingly goes out the window.

The Bad

Ergonomics – all your stuff is 20 inches below you

In the standing position, these Z-shaped conversion desks result in small work surfaces at different levels. The user’s notes, coffee, and even family photos are now about a foot lower than their hands. Using any of it becomes awkward at best. Add to the mix a smartphone, tablet, work papers, and peripherals – there simply isn’t room.

The Bad

Desk space – who needs 50% of their desk anyway, right?

By using a converter system, a user achieves height – but also loses about 50% of their desk space. Where’s that coffee mug again?

The Bad

Safety – watch your fingers!

With lots of moving parts, conversion desks also have lots of potential pinch points. Adults with jobs are pretty good at avoiding pinch points, right? But the reality is that whether we’re taking a call, having a sip of coffee, or grabbing a pen while raising the desk, we’re not paying full attention and things happen.

The Bad

Ease of use – levels levels levels

With this many levels and adjustments, there are just too many things going on every time you adjust from sitting to standing to create an ergonomic setup.

The Bad

Floor space

In the standing position, the Z design arcs the platform forward into the user’s work space. With a monitor, that limited platform depth may not allow enough vision distance, especially without an add-on monitor arm.

The Good

They Help You Stand

Changing your posture and position during the workday is really important - we do appreciate the fact that desktop converters help you do this.

But there are better ways
The Good

They Setup Fast

Take it out of the box and your standing at your desk, that's about it. Our Flexilift Counterbalance pneumatic full size desk has foldable legs and setups up really quick.

Flexilift Counterbalanced