Pneumatic Counterbalanced

The Standard Lift Pneumatic (TM Q71)

The Standard Lift pneumatic desk is economical option for facilites that know their desk weight limit needs. The desk consists of a square guide column made of precision steel tubes and the columns stack smaller to larger.






Looking for a pneumatic desk that allows you to adjust the weight load?
Our patented Counter Balance synchronization technology allows table legs to lift and lower together smoothly even with off-center loads.
Because you don’t need to plug the table in to operate it, you increase portability and intuitive operation with very little required training.
Add casters to the table legs and easily move the table to where it is needed, without any electrical cords to get in the way.
Some have light loads and some have heavy loads – our Standard Lift lets you the user specify your weight needs to fit your task.
TMQ 71


TMQ 71 Pneumatic Desk Details

TMQ 71

Easy to Use

Desks that are easy to use are desk that are actually used. Pneumatic desks are also 8X's faster than most electric desks on the market today.