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TM S94 3 Stage Motor

The three-part design guarantees a low installation height combined with a long stroke length, making it suitable for a wide range of desk applications.

About the TM S94 2

Three-stage electrically driven lift column made of circular precision steel tube.

The TM S94/3 Motor is both stable and versatile thanks to its high-precision workmanship and quality components. The lift column is compatible with virtually all control units and operating elements and comes with collision protection as standard.

Precision steel tube, circular (TM S)
Powder-coated or chrome-plated.

Special slide bearing



50 mm

Adjustment range
570–1283 mm
The actual working range is determined by the control unit

Load-bearing capacity
800 N (single column) 1000 N (desk with two lift columns), the desktop weight must be taken into account.

Adjustment speed
50 mm/s

Noise level
< 50 dB

Outer profile
94 x 64 mm

Inner profile
80 x 50 mm