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TM R70 2 Motor

The lift column is compatible with virtually all control units and operating elements and comes with collision protection as standard.

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About the TM R70 2 Motor

Two-stage electrically driven lift column made of circular precision steel tube.

The TM R70/2 Motor is both stable and versatile thanks to its high-precision workmanship and quality components.

Precision steel tube, circular (TM R)
Powder-coated or chrome-plated.

Special slide bearing



800 N

Adjustment range
603–1144 mm
The actual working range is determined by the control unit

Load-bearing capacity
800 N (single column) 1000 N (desk with two lift columns), load symmetrically distributed, no additional bending moment; the frame and desktop weight must be taken into account.

Adjustment speed
50 mm/s

Noise level
< 50 dB

Outer profile
Ø 70 mm

Inner profile
Ø 63 mm