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New for 2023

The Eco

Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

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Premium Performance

The Eco is faster, quieter, and safer than most other electric desks available.

Strong & Safe

Features an impressive 240 lbs. weight capacity and advanced collision detection.

Long Lasting Materials

Rectangular steel powder-coated base and dual motors in an in-line drive will outlast other electric desks.

Tested to BIFMA X5.5 Standard

Exceeds industry standards for Safety, Performance and Sustainability.

Dual Motor Difference

The Eco gives rock-solid stability, remarkable weight capacity, and synchronized motion thanks to its powerful dual motors. Designed for users with heavy set ups and for those who need seamless transitioning between sitting and standing. For lighter loads, single motor desks provide a hassle-free solution without the need for precise synchronization or a high weight capacity.

Motor Lift Capacity

The Eco can lift up to 240lbs without sacrificing performance.

Motor Speed

1.25″ per Second

Adjustable Top Frame

Our adjustable top frames are designed to accommodate work surfaces from 48" to 70", offering desk flexibility and customization. They provide ample space for multiple monitors and materials, adapting to varying workspace needs.

Adjustable Range

The Eco can adjust from 43.3” – 59”, this can accommodate work surfaces from 48″ up to 70″, with a 30″ depth.

Available Sizes

48″ x 30″ and 60″ x 30″

Advanced Collision Detection

Equipped with an innovative ISP software collision detection system, The Eco ensures accurate desk stopping, prioritizing safety during height adjustments. By automatically detecting collisions, it effectively prevents potential damage to objects and minimizes the risk of user injury.

Collision Detection Type

ISP: Intelligent Sensing Platform

Programmable Handset

With a customizable memory handset, The Eco offers three save options, enabling you to effortlessly access preset height positions for added convenience. This feature ensures consistent and accurate adjustments without the hassle of manual measurements or guesswork.

Number of Presets

Three programmable desk height presets.

T Style Stable

T-style legs showcase exceptional stability, impressive weight capacity, and ample under-desk space, making them ideal for heavier setups and users who prioritize stability during height adjustments. On the other hand, C-style legs, such as the Jarvis, are perfectly suited for lighter setups, offering optimal support without compromising on functionality.

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