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The modern lab needs flexible, mobile and height-adjustable systems.

Employee Health

Healthy employees are happy employees. Having the option to adjust your microscope up to your eyes can significantly reduce back strain.


Talent is hard to find, and employers who show their teams they care about their work health have better retention rates.

Reduce Costs

Reducing workers comp claims can change employee morale ann company culture for the better.

Adaptable Lab

Kessebohmer’s laboratory lift systems offer the highest-performance lifting columns on the market. Allowing our customers to tailor their designs for market solutions without compromise, perfectly blending their design sensibilities with the brands they create.

Wasted Space Costs More

Lab fit-out costs range from $300 to $650 per sq. ft. so an unused low ADA compliant workstation (4’ x 5’ = 20 sq. ft). = $6,000 - $13,000. This could be reduced with height adjustable workstations.

Lab Workstations

3 Leg - TM Q70
Goliath Lift

TM Q 70 / 71 (Standard / Inverted)

Available Drive

​Ratchet / Crank / Pneumatic​ / Motor (2 and 3 stage)


Ratchet & Crank = 240mm (9.5″)​
Pneumatic = 450mm (17.7″)​
Motor – 2 stage = 500mm (19.7″)​
Motor – 3 stage = 686mm (27″)​


  • Heavy duty 70mm cold drawn high tolerance Swiss steel construction with durable powder coat
  • Inverted column design to maximize infection control.
  • German-engineered roller-bearing guidance system allows for smooth and effortless movement even with cantilevered / off-center loads.
  • Flexible mounting allows for a variety of Base, Work Surface & Storage options to be incorporated.