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One Table Many Possibilities

Introducing The Hoff Table

Power-free pneumatic height adjustable group work table designed for maker spaces and busy teams.

Offices need flexible furniture

The way we work is changing - our workspaces need to change too.

Power-Free is Hassle Free

With no power cables or outlets to consider the desk moves anywhere.

Fast for getting it done

Electric desks are slow, and used less because of this fact. Pneumatic desks are 8X's faster

The Hoff table

Versatile Furniture

Multifunctional spaces need versatile furniture. The innovative HoFF KET table frame accomplishes this with ease. Continuously adjustable via gas pressure spring, it adapts to ergonomic requirements within seconds and also features a foldable table top.

Multi function

Smooth and Fast

The design ensures synchronous adjustment of both columns, even in the case of off-center loads. This enables the sit-stand function to be adjusted rapidly, saving you time. The Hoff can be a group work table and a whiteboard for presentations.

Created to move

Space Saver

With a flick of the release lever, the safety bolts on the two columns are unlocked simultaneously and the tabletop can be folded 90° into a vertical position, and lock in place with magnetic locking. Once the meeting is over, the tables can be cleared away to save space.