Pneumatic Desks

Flexilift Counterbalance
Pneumatic Desk

Go with the Flexilift and take all the guesswork out of standing desk questions

Laptop, Lounge

Pneumatic Occasional Tables

Short stroke, long-stroke, hydro lift, trigger lift in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Occasional TablesGo ahead - Pick an Occasion
Pneumatic Desks

3 Seconds to Raise & Lower

A faster standing desk helps you maintain the "flow state" at work, keeping you moving and motivated.

Keep Your Flow StateProgress Twin
Electric Desks

Faster, Safer & Quieter
Electric Desks

2 Stage Collision Desks are a best practice in desk safety in 2020. Don't make a move without it.

Life is Short - Get a Faster DeskElectric Desks

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