German Components, Swiss Steel
Made in Michigan

Power-Free Weight Adjustable

It all starts with the right column

Pneumatic and electric height-adjustable lift columns designed to fit in any project. 

TMQ 70-3 Motor

  • Square Tube
  • Motorized System
  • 3 Stage

TMQ 70 Lift

  • Square Tube
  • Pneumatic System
  • 2 Stage

TMS 94-3 Motor

  • Rectangular Tube
  • Motorized System
  • 3 Stage

TMR 71-2 Motor

  • Round Tube (Inverted)
  • Motorized System
  • 2 Stage
Pneumatic Desks

Performance Pneumatics

We build the best power-free height-adjustable lifting columns available.

Electric Desks

Faster, Safer & Quieter
Electric Desks

2 Stage Collision Desks are a best practice in desk safety in 2020. Don't make a move without it.


Raising the Quality of Care

Kessebohmer’s health care systems offers the highest performance lifting columns on the market.


Matching Designs to Student Needs

Education today looks and acts differently. Students, Teachers, and Schools need a proven partner in height-adjustable solutions.

Laptop, Lounge

Pneumatic Occasional Tables

Short stroke, long-stroke, hydro lift, trigger lift in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Industry and Product Insights

This is Jake’s Job

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Jake walks us through pneumatic lift.

Fast Desks Save Time 3:20

Fast standing desk can save you hours each year. Watch and we’ll prove it.

Collision Detection 1:58

3 things you need to think about when considering collision detection in standing desks.

One Table Many Possibilities

Introducing The Hoff Table

Height Adjustable Systems

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